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Welcome to Obscure80smusic.com where we bring you the best and worst of the music Industry from the 80's decade which bought along with it much change and upheaval all around the globe, wether in Politics, Music or Fashion..

Similar to the 60's the eighties saw much unrest and protesting to their governments, over nuclear weapons, war and along side of it many millions helped save a Nation. With the horrendous footage broadcast by the general media of the starving in Africa bought with it a huge outcry which bought together some of the biggest stars of the era to bring about the biggest musical event of the millenium, Live Aid.

Eventually with the end of the Cold War saw the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Highlights musically were:

Many of the big names from above are still around and selling Albums now 20 + years on, we are going to be highlighting alot of the more obscure80's artists alongside the better known.


Obscure Video of the Month

A deranged old woman, the lamest attempt at a long jump this side of Motherwell, a seaside resort and an 80's rockstar with several bad haircuts. What more could you want in a naff 80's video? Walk out to Winter with Aztec Camera.